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Spencer Kryzanowski Church-090.jpg

Spencer Kryzanowski 
Conductor, Répétiteur, Vocal Coach

La bohème, Mercury Opera (2019) "The six-piece ensemble was led by Adam Szmidt, with considerable help from pianist Spencer Kryzanowki, who more than ably anchored the band for this small-scale Puccini."

                                                                                             Bill Rankin, Opera Canada 

Spencer is a keen collaborator and forward-thinking artist. He is, in equal parts, a serious, professional musician and a light-hearted, gentle soul. It's quite common to hear Spencer's infectious laugh lighting up a rehearsal room. 


Spencer is particularly passionate about contemporary opera, fresh takes on classic works, and theatre projects that place queerness front and centre. He believes strongly in the future of opera: a future that encourages the exploration of relevant, hard-hitting stories; a future that transforms and updates classic works; and an all-inclusive opera future that holistically supports the whole artist.

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